Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Welcome to my cleavage!

I decided to get a new URL for those stories I need to tell which might be a little risque for my regular blog.

It still has all my info, so it's not exactly anonymous, but I'm hoping that those people in my life who I'd rather not share these things with won't be clever enough to find it any time in the near future.

Like when I drink too much and do things like this:

Or the night I got drunk and took pictures of everyone's cleavage:

Or the other night I got drunk and took pictures of everyone's cleavage (seriously, I'm really good at this...):

Sometimes people take pictures of my cleavage. Sometimes that someone isn't even me:

Occasionally, I hang out with lesbians and have people sign my boobs and play with a dick in a box. I'm just that cool:

(Look closely. She spelled "sexy" incorrectly.)

(Greatest Halloween Costume Ever. Even if he is an enormous DOUCHE.)

Tune in for TMI Thursdays and stories of debauchery.


  1. Wow. Your friends have way better boobs than mine. Than my friends' boobs, I mean. Mine are awesome. Ok, that's a lie.

  2. I only hang out with people who have awesome boobs. It's in the application.

  3. I love cleavage so much. Thanks! I just did a post on lingerie... would be interested in your thoughts ;-)P


  4. Cooool pictures! ;)

  5. hey Danny Cohen !!! the girls in the photos are like your sister, your younger sister was my girl!! Do you understand??

  6. yeah awesome great party, a lot of alcohol, fun, dance, girls and boobs, awesome awesome, I spend a great night that night.